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Air Quality Testing in Shawnee, KS

Use Air Quality Testing in Shawnee, KS, for Healthy Environment

The value of clean and fresh air can’t be overstated. It’s vital for health and well-being, and that especially holds true for the air inside your home. You spend so much time there that you want to know it’s free of contaminants and allergens, such as dust and pollen. You need to know the quality of your air because in that way it’s easy to decide upon the proper solution for your home. It’s why air quality testing in Shawnee, KS, should be your first step.

Professional and Effective Service

At McCarty Mechanical, our team of experienced technicians has the skills to efficiently install the equipment which will work best for your particular situation. We work quickly and efficiently to keep any disruption to your home and daily routine to a minimum. Once you decide to upgrade the air quality in your home, you don’t want to wait, and we understand that and aim to have your air cleaner up and running as soon as possible.

Names You Can Trust

We carry some of the biggest brand names in the industry, so you know that the equipment you have installed in your home is going to work very effectively and begin making a noticeable difference right away. We offer cleaners from Honeywell, Aprilaire, Trion Air Bear, and Trane. Each of these manufacturers provides dependable and efficient products that help you breathe easy.

Efficient Options

Media air cleaners, like the models offered by Honeywell, are a more efficient option than traditional 1” disposable filter models. These media filters are ideal for capturing large numbers of particles pass through the unit. For these systems, the manufacturers recommend replacing the filters at the beginning of the cooling and heating seasons for quality service. Media-type cleaners are less expensive than electronic cleaners and require very little ductwork modification or maintenance.

Putting Light to Work

We carry ultraviolet air treatment systems from Honeywell that go a long way toward improving household air quality. These modern systems are unique and provide dependable safety and performance by killing germs before than can circulate throughout your home. Using ultraviolet light also keeps mold spores from growing on the coils of your system. 

Ensure the air in your home is as safe and clean as it can be through the addition of a reliable and effective cleaning system. Fresh air is refreshing and helps everyone feel their best.

Air Cleaners in Shawnee, KS

Contact us to learn more about our air quality solutions. We proudly serve customers in Shawnee, KS, and the surrounding area.